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Doing Your First Record Tip #13

Week of 7/12/99 to 7/18/99



In the initial 6 weeks of the promotion, you are setting up a secondary test for the release. The object is to get it played and requested on a prominent radio station, with established request and established sales in that area.   The "schedule" is as follows:

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WEEK 0 Before the campaign begins, you need to target the areas and target the "push cut" for radio airplay.  A Record Release Party is scheduled, optimally the 3rd week of the promotion. CD singles on the "push cut" are made for radio.  You try to get gigs lined up in the targeted secondary area.
WEEK 1 The first week involves distributing the full product to retail outlets.  All stores should have initial sales copies before radio is introduced to the product. Additionally , the group needs to mail out notices of when and where the release party is and press releases to the media.
WEEK 2 The second week involves presentation of the CD single to radio in the major market as well as the targeted secondary market.  You let the station know that you will be happy to do a "presented by radio station..." gig when the test bears fruit.  The group should confirm attendance for the release party.
WEEK 3 You hold the release party and do another mailing to fans, thanking party attendance, and telling them about stations that have committed to play and where fans can buy the product.
WEEK 4-6 As much as possible, you arrange appearances (like on radio talk shows) about the release and the group.  You continue to gig and let as many people know as possible that you have a record and airplay.  You promote and sell your product at the gigs.
Hopefully you will achieve the stated objective of airplay, requests and sales with the above plan properly executed.  At the end of this period you have a good barometer of how the release may do in the test area.
Next week we will begin to break down and detail the actions needed, week by week.


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