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You've reached this page because a Y2K Issue Feature Isn't Working (yet) - read on

Fearing Y2K bugs, I moved up the publication date of the January 2000 issue from January 20th to December 31, 1999.  It was to be our biggest issue ever with at least 20 new and republished articles.  After 2 years of operation, we feel we have finally figured out what cyberspace needs in online magazines and online training.   We were going to "show the world," before 2000 hit, the really "right" way to communicate data about music recording and production over the web.  To accomplish this feat, I scheduled many hours between December 26th and December 31st to edit all of the planned material.  Then the bug hit.
On December 26th my home computer began crashing every 20 minutes. I do the majority of the REQ editing at home, so this created a big problem.  On December 28th I got the hard drive and memory replaced in my computer, thinking the hard drive was the problem.  On December 29th, all went pretty well and I got a lot of work done.   I had one crash, but this isn't that uncommon with Window's 95, especially when you are trying to run 5 programs at once.  I had lost three days of production, but I could make it up by working longer and harder (so I thought).  On December 30th, a half-hour into my editing, the computer began to crash multiple times (again!). Sure now that it was some kind of virus, I started downloading a new anti-virus program.  The program required 60 minutes of download time and (of course) crashed on the first attempt.   Finally the download was accomplished and I began to install the program.    Of course the computer "stuck" on step 2 of the installation for 45 minutes.  As a I was looking at the computer, wanting to pound it with a hammer, the hot water line to my dishwasher let loose (no shit!).  40 gallons of hot water dumped into my kitchen cabinets and onto the floor before I could find the right shut-off valve to turn off.   After the repair and the clean-up I did manage to get some work done at the office computer (60 miles away).  Late in the evening I figured out the problem with the computer - it was a $12 CPU fan that "sometimes" worked but most often didn't turn.  The CPU would overheat, crashing the computer.
It's now 2 hours before the clock turns over and guess what?  I'm not going to make my ambitious deadline.  I'm frantically working on it and will get some kind of posting up on January 1.  Anything not up tomorrow will be worked on between 1/2 and 1/20.  Sorry for the delay but I think you'll love the issue
Bob Dennis, your friendly REQ editor.