MARCH, 2000

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Mid-Quarter Format
Once every three months is too little; once a month is too much.   Beginning with this issue we are on a twice-quaterly publication schedule (about one issue every 6 weeks).  Our publication schedule for Recording Engineer's Quarterly now matches our established schedule for our advanced training magazine, Alexander Magazine.
The approximate publication dates are March 1, April 15, June 1, July 15, etc.  I say "approximate" because we always think "content first" and "deadlines second."  Although print deadlines are always verfy strict, web deadlines are usually a little rubbery - this suits us fine.  Ocassionally we move a puiblication date forward, rather than backward.
Advanced Training Links
Next to each article, you will find links to advanced articles.   This is for paid Alexander Magazine subscribers (although everyone will be able to view a preview statement).  If you want to subscribe to, or find out more information about Alexander Magazine, simply go to the links at the bottom of the issue's content page.
To fully view an advanced article, you will be prompted top put in your personal Alexander Magazine user number and password.  Some "Intermediate" articles will require the Recording Engineer's Quarterly username and password that you ontained when you registered for your "free" REQ subscription.  To become a registered REQ subscriber, at no charge, go here.  Please realize that we are now registering over 300 new readers each month and that it's taking us up to 7 days to process your request.
Issue Content
We have a variety of interesting article for you with this, our first mid-quater REQ.  Our studio articles include mixing techniques, production techniques, home recording setups and use of signal processors.  In addition we have articles regarding the music scene in Michigan and the industry in general.  I hope you enjoy this issue and have as much fun in rewading it as I had in putting it together.

And, good recording!


Bob Dennis, Editor.

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