Our Motown Heritage (Part 41)
The Next Step Motown Heritage
by Robert Dennis

Motown Heritage Club Member, McKinley Jackson & Bob Dennis jump start the current chapter of the Motown Heritage with new productions for Michigan and for Broadway.




Pro Tools Rock Recording
By: Bob Dennis
Producing rock productions today can be a lot more than putting the mics out and letting the group pay the tune with the record light on. Bob reports how Pro Tools is being used to get a quality rock production. 



Digital Audio Basics
By: Robert Dennis  
Digital audio, such as the recordings that you make on your computer, are done in a certain way. An understanding of this process is vital to understanding digital audio. Bob explains the basics.
- Daniel Dennis, Online Instructor

Looking Like A Genius
By: Daniel Dennis
Part of getting a job is the right attitude - and making yourself invaluable. We talk a little bit about both here, especially having to do with the artistically technical job of a sound tech.
DD - editor

Mastering The Bass
By: Bob Dennis
Clarity and smoothness often isn't achieved in the mixdown as far as the low end, due to how the bass guitar (or acoustic bass) and the kick generate their sound. Enter mastering...



Announced July, 2005 by Broadway World:

"The First Wives Club has been confirmed as a Broadway-bound musical, the producers are scrambling to lure big-name Broadway and film stars to the show... The legendary Motown songwriting team of Eddie Holland, Lamont Dozier and Brian Holland (Holland-Dozier-Holland) will pen the show's score; the team is best-known for writing many of the hits of The Supremes.."

Announced May, 2006 by Ask.com

"The 1996 film, THE FIRST WIVES CLUB is being adapted as a musical for the Broadway, New York stage. It will be turned into a musical by legendary songwriters and producers, EDDIE and BRIAN HOLLAND and LAMONT DOZIER. According to Brian Holland, We're going to be doing all new material. The plan is to have all songs completed by December (06), then put it up at the beginning of next year to work out the kinks before we get to Broadway."

Detroit - November , 2006

They all came into the studio through the rear fire door.  The hall of fame songwriters (Edward & Brian Holland) entered, along with their arranger (McKinley Jackson).  The Holland brothers were in town for the first of several scheduled recording sessions they will do to produce the sound track for the 2007 Broadway hit, "The First Wives Club." The play will feature all of its music written by Holland-Dozier-Holland.  It was all hugs between them, me and my partner (Greg Reilly) who runs our Disc, Ltd studio.

McKinley & Brian work

Eddie, listening

Greg Reilly, engineering

I asked both Holland brothers why they were, as usual, using McKInley Jackson as the arranger. The answer was "He's extremely talented, plus has the temperament and experience to to a great job, that's why we always use McKinley." Of course I knew this, I just wanted to hear them say it out loud.

While Mckinley was copying the charts for the session, I played the 1980 Michigan country hit, Damn, The TV's Gone for Edward.  The tune stayed top 5 on the country stations in the Summer of 1980 and received two years of regular air play. All of the 7000+ copies manufactured sold out, and then the bootlegs started surfacing in Florida and Kentucky.  Edward walked out of the room, shaking his head, with a chuckle and mumbling, The TV.

I turned to Brian, and said, McKinley and I are producing a rock version of this tune on Giftvs.  Damn The TVs gone, will be released in Spring of 2007 with the 2006 rock version, backed with the original cut by AC & The Kentucky Fox Band on seven-inch vinyl.  The rock cut is also scheduled to be released as part of the Detroit Music compilation by the Next Step Ventures label, at the same time.

For more details on the progress of the rock production of Damn, The TV's Gone, see the Develop Artist Production article, Pro Tools Rock Recording




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