Our Motown Heritage (Part 31)
Dizzy Ms. Lizzy

by Robert Dennis

Graduating from the Recording Institute Of Detroit Music Producer Program in 2005, Motown Heritage Club Member Liz P. is carving herself a reputation as an assistant instructor and the corporate secretary for Next Step Ventures.

I find her anything but dizzy, but her childhood nickname still sticks. Liz P is in training as an RID instructor and RID Exec. She runs the RID Day lab sessions and works on student records. She aspires to be a producer and an “all around kind of person that can do multiple things, in the studio.”

2001 Graduate:  Dizzy Miss Lizzy


Her Music History, in Her Own Words

When I was a little girl, my dad started out playing bass with Bob Seger's band before they were famous, and other bands. I picked up piano when I was really young and then later guitar. So, first I wanted to be an artist like everybody else.

Then when I got to about 6th grade I started getting interested in the stuff going on behind the scenes; the production and all that stuff.  So, I started looking into that.  Got really interested in that and radio, and then in high school we had  Tech Club and I started doing live sound for performances and I really liked it.

She’s continuing pursuing her dream, using RID as a stepping stone to a bright future.

Her RID History

Miss Dizzy’s first contact with RID was actually through a scholarship by the Recording Website Scholarship Fund. Liz: Yeah it was a thing that RID did through my high school.  If we had an A in any kind of music class we would get a scholarship where we would do home study and take the final and then come to a couple weeks of the PAS training at RID.

I definitely learned a lot from it and it introduced me to RID and it really made me realize that it was coming easier to me than I thought it would and made me want to do it even more.

I graduated high school in 2003 and tried 3 semesters at Macomb but I wasn't really into it, and couldn't decide what I wanted. My parents finally said  "Ok ok, you can go back to RID." And I was like, "Ok." I'm still in the Recording Engineer program, in the Advanced Recording class, that’s all I have left to complete all of the RID training.

Liz is officially an assistant instructor at RID right now but actually we're honing her to be a full fledged instructor.  She has the drive and she's had the professional experience to do it, We're just making sure that she gets down some of the details about teaching to a group of students.  She' great, one on one, with students.  She really functions as my personal assistant.  I'm the administrator and she's helping out with student lab periods, student records and getting together the materials for class. 

What Her Instructors Say:

RID Music Production Instructor, Harold Bowles, had comments about Liz.  As a student, Liz was very quiet.  She did well in class but you'd ask her and she'd smile, she wouldn't talk.  I didn't find out… I'm still finding out who Liz is.

I think the best thing that I ever think happened is that when we asked Liz to become a member of the Recording Institute of Detroit staff.  And all of a sudden there's this smart bright aggressive intelligent person that kind of opened up.  When she became a member of the RID staff she started talking and she's proven to me to be a valuable member of our staff and has a lot more talent then she's let anyone know she has.  Her internet skills and computer skills are much more advanced then she let anybody know.  I think that as a result of being a member of the RID staff, her confidence level has gone way up.  I didn't even know she knew how to help people.  She jumps in and helps people, very quickly. When she sees that they're drowning, she's right there.

Promoter For The Vines

The Vines is a rock band from Australia. Liz is the administrator of  the band’s web message board.  I'm their administrator of their message board online.  I'm in contact with their manager and some people who work with them at Capitol Records and EMI and I basically run their message board and online and street teams for promotion.

Lab Instructor

Liz supervises the afternoon weekday lab periods at the institute.  RID provides students with lab time where the students come in outside of their classes and use the equipment, practice on the equipment, get more familiar with things, work on their own projects, they can use ProTools in the computer lab, or they can use Paris or the 02R in either the Golden Section or Student Control Room and they can use the studio and have live sessions and practice their micing and recording and getting their levels and mixing and mastering, editing, makeup assignment ,or  whatever they want

Liz Grades a Student’s Makeup Assignment

Record Company Exec

Next Step Ventures is an RID Graduate owned Record/Publishing Company.  Liz is the registered agent for the company and part of the team establishing it. Next Step Ventures is the label that we're starting up for students and former students so they can come and get a little bit more experience in the business side and its also a venue for them, if they're artists, to get their material out and if they're producers to get more experience producing and doing what they actually came here for.

It isn't a class, its something that students can buy into.  It's an LLC, Limited Liability Corporation.  It’s just a really nice opportunity for students or former students to come back and get their feet wet in the business.  Instead of just learning stuff and going out there. They have this opportunity where they can get more experience and kind of get the feel of things before they jump into the business.  And it's also an extra thing they can be part of besides their own projects away from the school.



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